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At SS Loomba Law Professional Corporation, We strive to protect the rights of our clients while achieving their goals & objectives. Our lawyers have the required legal skills and expertise to handle difficult to challenging matters related to immigration, real estate, civil litigation and family matters, enabling us to deal with a wide range of clientele throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Since the founding of SS Loomba Law Professional Corporation, I am cultivating leadership for the legal world. With recognized expertise and acknowledged leadership in the various areas of law, my mission is to provide solutions-oriented legal advice throughout the individual clients and communities in Ontario.
- Shubinder Singh Loomba (Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public B.A. LL.B, LL.M, LL.M (OSGOODE)

Experience & Education

Mr. Shubinder Singh Loomba is the Managing director of SS Loomba Law Professional Corporation and a member of Law Society of Ontario with primary expertise in the civil litigation, real estate, immigration, corporate & family law. He has worked with Loomba legal services in Brampton , in  assisting small claims court, superior court and Ontario court of justice matters.

The law is complicated, Your experience with me won’t be.


Completed Masters in Law (Canadian Common Law) from Osgoode Hall Law School


Completed Masters in Law (Corporate) Under Amity Law School


Completed Bachelor of Law under 5 year university program 


For last few years, we’ve consistently helped individuals and businesses in Ontario achieve positive legal outcomes. We win our client’s trust and cases because we have experience, confidence in court, and compassion outside of it.

Knowledgeable & Licensed

Our lawyers are knowledgeable and licensed, while have dealt with a great many clients received positive feedback for their excellent service.

Appointment That Fits Your Schedule

We offer the best possible results through lead inconvenience with our flexible appointment schedule that makes us on the same page.

Easy Payment Plans

To put you in control, We offer flat fees and easy payment plans supported by complete transparency as per your situation.

Successful Results

We are not only committed to providing you with successful results but a commitment to the process that brings peace to your life.

What Our Clients Say

"I have met Shubinder a lot of times and he is such a good listener, that pays attention to detail. He is punctual in his job and cares for each and every one of his clients like a family. Literally, one of the most genuine and grounded lawyers I have come across!!"
"SS Loomba law Professional Corporation has taken over my corporate records a few months back and since I am in peace of mind. The professionalism at best, Highly Recommended to Everyone!"
"We were in need of a lawyer immediately for a personal family matter. Although he was leaving for winter vacations the following day, he called me to offer advice and assurance that the matter would be dealt with upon his return. Professional yet genuine!"