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“Mr. Shubinder Singh did a fantastic job helping me with my paperwork regarding employment. It was so difficult for me to find a good lawyer who would assist me in my corporation with this much limited time scope. Everyone wanted a big retainer, with no commitment to do the job in the particular time period. Mr. Shubinder is such a true godsend lawyer, who really values helping people. Thanks again for your service!”


Amazing Service. I needed a lawyer quickly as I was having my company acquired. SS Loomba Law Professional Corporation took care of all the legal details of my business while giving me a sense of protection and ease during the whole process. I was mesmerized by their core knowledge during the management of all my business contractors and agreements. I will highly recommend it to anyone, looking for a corporate lawyer in GTA!


I have met Shubinder a lot of times for my immigration firm and he is such a good listener, that pays attention to detail. He is punctual in his job and cares for each and every one of his clients like a family. Literally, one of the most genuine and grounded lawyers I have come across!!


SS Loomba Law Professional Corporation has taken over my corporate records a few months back and since I am in peace of mind. The professionalism at best, Highly Recommended to Everyone!


We were in need of a lawyer immediately for a personal family matter. Although he was leaving for winter vacations the following day, he called me to offer advice and assurance that the matter would be dealt with upon his return. Professional yet genuine!


As a real estate company, We have reached out to SS Loomba Law Professional Corporation many times over the years for various property issues. They have assisted in keeping our contractors clear, fair and legally safe for everyone. They literally charge a very fair fee for their time and efforts. For this reason, We always seek to have them on board even if it comes to any personal legal matter. Thank you Mr. Loomba for your assistance, time, advice and efforts.